Welcome to my site! Here I publish pieces on the vast amount of characters that reside in the world of DC Comics. The universe of DC Comics has many characters, not just the most well known, and they all deserve their moment in the spotlight. I have many varying opinions on each character,  so I’ll put my two-cents in, along with each character’s origin story. I promise you’ll find a character to latch on to and love them just as dearly as I do!

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About Me

Hello! My Name is Samantha. I am 20 years old & I live in Chicago, Illinois. I currently attend Western Illinois University as a Journalism major and Professional Writing minor. I was raised by a Chicago police officer and elementary school English teacher. I have loved reading and writing for much of my life. In fact, I have a book review blog (http://whatliesaroundthebend.blogspot.com/).  I am also a huge DC Comics fan, as you’ll soon discover. My life is a roller coaster and I like  to tread in others’ shoes through stories and movies. C.S. Lewis once said, “In reading great literature,” among other things in my case, “I become a thousand men and yet remain myself… I see with a myriad of eyes, but it is still I who sees.”

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